Speech Therapy Ideas for FALL – Articulation

I love fall, y’all! While much of the country is actually experiencing fall, we’re usually still boiling here in south Louisiana. It doesn’t feel like fall but who cares… because I love everything about autumn.


We’ll start our fall theme for speech therapy with some apple articulation dot art pages (or turn this apple tree into a dough smash mat as pictured below) along with many other apple activities! ^ Grab these free!

Download my apple-themed lesson plans for grades PreK-5th below!

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We’ll also create some fall art by adding leaves on the tree below – fingerprint style!! After saying X number of articulation targets correctly, my students get to squash their little fingertips onto a washable stamp pad and then smush 3 fingerprint leaves on their tree (and in a leaf pile or in the air). We repeat and repeat this until their masterpieces are complete. It’s a great way to get 100 trials in therapy!

Oh, and moms love this little project 🙂 It’s very fridge worthy. You can grab it HERE!

We always squeeze in lots of activities from my Fall Fun Pack into our autumn therapy sessions. One of them includes my students finding the items hidden in the squirrel’s leaf pile (see below) that contain their sounds. This is a great activity NOT ONLY for articulation but also for phonological or phonemic awareness. Did you know that students with speech sound disorders are at great risk for literacy? Because of that little fact, I also have them:

1) tell me where in the word they hear their sound (beginning, middle, or end). Otherwise, they won’t know when and where to apply their new skills!

2) tell me how many “parts” (aka syllables) the word has

3) tell a rhyming word (if one exists)

We’ll be using fall word lists for drill while playing one of our all-time favorite games, EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS THE SNEAKY SNACKY SQUIRREL GAME (see below) as well as my Printable Fall Board Games (for any skill) which you can grab HERE.

I know many therapists don’t feel the need to use games, but I like the natural positive reinforcement they provide. I always remind my students that the most important thing to focus on is their speech – not the game- and if they start to focus only on the game we can’t continue to play it.

Do you provide intensive but short articulation sessions (such as “speedy speech,” “quick artic,” or “5 minute kids?” I did while I was in schools. These quick drill games are strangely addictive to children 😂. I often put the quick drill cards (there are over 100 themes of these) facedown on the table or in a container, but it’s also fun to pur them in the tree shaped box from the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game.  My kids say their target sounds, words, phrases, or sentences 3-5 times before being able to pick a card.  The object of the game is to collect the most adorable quick drill cards, but the wild cards always shake up the game.  It’s the simplest little game ever but gets lots of productions along with lots of laughs and interaction from the students.

Quick drill articulation idea for fall

If you know me, then you already know we’ll be doing some dot art in therapy. It’s just another easy way to 1) get high trials in your sessions and 2) have something readily available to send home for more practice.

Here’s how I use it:

  • SAY-AND-DOT ONE AT A TIME: Students are given bingo paint daubers and allowed to “dot” the pictures in each little circle after saying the name of the picture 1, 2, 3, 5, or however many times I assign. Do this with each and every picture on the page.  They can also use fun items like magnetic tokens, mini pom poms, mini objects or eraser, or you can add a protective sleeve to turn the page into a smash mat!
  •  HUNT, DOT and SAY: Have students find every giraffe (for example) on the page, dot each one, and then say “giraffe” 1 or more times for each giraffe they find. 
  •  ADAPT TO STUDENTS’ LEVELS: If a student is working at the phrase level, assign a carrier phrase like “I like _____” or “ I see a _____” or “I ate a ______”). Working at the sentence level? Have the student generate their own sentence. If your student makes a sentence with feather, for instance, have them find and dot every feather on the page while you address the next student.
  • I SPY: Use it to play I Spy -tell or describe the picture the students needs to find, say and dot.

Once your students’ masterpieces dry, send it home as “speech homework” and when they return it signed, you can hang them up proudly for the world to see. they make cute and easy bulletin boards. Download 2 open ended dot art pages for fall HERE!

Of course all of these activities are great to pair with your favorite fall books. One of my favorites is The Biggest Leaf Pile by Steve Metzger. Anyone else love that book?  It’s a great book not only for learning about fall but for talking about getting along with others, etc. 

I hope you enjoy these freebies, and Happy Fall to y’all!

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